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Obituary Index: Improved and Updated!


The Crown Point Community Library Indiana Room is happy to say that the Crown Point Obituary Index has been updated and improved.  The Obituary Index consists of the obituaries and death notices in the weekly newspaper of Crown Point.  Through the hard work and dedication of the Reference staff, the index has been updated to include more years and more accurate information.  The search engine itself has been improved to make searching easier and more accurate as well.  There are still some years yet to be indexed, but the Indiana Room is working to complete those lists soon.  For now, researchers can search the index for the following years: 1857-1933, 1940-2016.  You can find the Obituary Index on the Crown Point Community Library website through the Indiana Room page or the Database page  If you conduct a search and are interested in viewing the obituary, please contact the Indiana Room or 219-306-4593.

Please see the following statement about the Obituary Index.  It can be found on the index search page.

The Crown Point Community Library maintains a searchable index from the obituaries reported in the Crown Point Register, Crown Point Star, and The Lake County Star newspapers.  The index is available online or in the Indiana Room.

The Crown Point Community Library Indiana Room has transcribed the Crown Point, Indiana Register and Star Newspapers: Death Index August 1857 to December 1930 and it is now available on the Crown Point Community Library website as part of the Crown Point Obituary Index.  Items are copied as initially entered by Marlene (Heald) VanEck unless there is a page number.  The Lake County Star/newspapers did not have official page numbers until 1926; prior to that time, the dates provided are as counted from the microfilm.  Please note that the date of the obituary in the newspaper does not necessarily reflect the actual date of death; many times the obituary only refers the death of the person without stating the date or day of the week.  Especially in the early newspapers, there was no formal obituary column and the announcements were randomly placed within the paper.  There may be errors from the original document as not all obituaries were verified.  Those that were verified have been corrected to reflect the entry in the newspaper.  As with a lot of genealogy research, there are misspellings of both first and last names.  Spellings are recorded in the database as they appear in the newspaper.  If you are not successful completing a search by entering the name, perhaps a search by letter will yield better results.  It is the advice of the Indiana Room to check alternate spellings, for both first and last names, when conducting genealogy research- not only among the Crown Point Obituary Index but all databases one utilizes.

The Crown Point Community Library Indiana Room has been very fortunate to provide the Crown Point and genealogy community with the obituary index for The Lake County Star newspaper.  Unfortunately, the newspaper no longer publishes obituaries on a regular basis.  Recognizing that the community relies on this service we will still be updating the database annually; however, please realize that if your family member died after 2015, the chances of The Lake County Star printing an obituary is very slim.

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