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2016 is the Indiana Bicentennial – Brush up on your Hoosier State History and Trivia before the year of celebrations.


Statehood Day – December 11, 1816, when Indiana became the 19th state of the Union

State Flag – Designed as part of a contest during the centennial celebration, the flag’s stars represent the states within the Union, with the 19th (Indiana) above the torch of liberty.

State Motto – The Crossroads of America adopted in 1973

State Nickname – The Hoosier State

State Seal – Depicts a scene reminiscence of Indiana at the time of statehood

State Bird – Cardinal

State Flower – Peony

State Stone– Salem Limestone

State Tree – Tulip Tree

State Poem – Indiana by Arthur Franklin Mapes

State Song – On the Banks of the Wabash, Far Away by Paul Dresser

What is a Hoosier?Hoosier featureImage_mini

Although the exact origin of the nickname Hoosier is unknown, there are several theories floating around.  Most date from the 1830s, whether it is reference to John Finley’s poem The Hoosier’s Nest, the Greencastle newspaper founded by former governor James B. Ray, or the name of G.L. Murdock’s boat the Indiana Hoosier.  There are many origin theories that have been disputed, but one thing can be agreed upon- Hoosiers own the nickname with pride.

Indiana Bicentennial 2016

Books Available at Crown Point Community Library

All titles below are available for viewing in the Indiana Room and are not available for check out.  There are numerous books on the history and facts of Indiana, as well as other aspects about the Hoosier State, in the Adult Nonfiction and Juvenile Nonfiction sections of the library available for checkout; please browse our catalog for titles.

Indiana Memories: Collected Works of Arthur Franklin Mapes by Arthur Franklin Mapes

Hoosier’s Nest and Other Poems by John Finley

Who’s Your Hoosier Ancestor?: Genealogy for Beginners by Mona Robinson

Who’s Your County Named for? And Other Hoosier County Facts by Glenda S. Shull

Destination Indiana: Travels through Hoosier History by Ray Boomhower

Hoosiers: A New History of Indiana by James H. Madison

Forgotten Hoosiers: Profiles from Indiana’s Hidden History by Fred D. Cavinder

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